A Ground-Breaking Approach to Electronics Protection.

Lauren Groth

It is Lauren’s vision and innovation that helps clients improve their processes and products to achieve greater market share and higher profits.

Laurens Background

With a degree in Industrial Technology Education, and focus on Administrative Management, his career quickly changed direction to help manufacturers design and develop new ways to protect their high performance electronics.

Lauren’s first industrial position in 1980 was appropriately at Kenner Toys, where he created cosmetically-correct and fully functional preliminary design models in a pre-digital environment. He supported high profile programs such as Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Batman..

At NCR Corporation, in the last half of that decade, he initiated, built and managed an in-house model-making
and prototyping program for which he received a divisional award.

Beginning in 1991, Lauren began a managerial career at Compaq Computer Corporation. Over the next decade, he expanded their 3D development and prototyping operations, and ultimately cut program expenses by 20% through improved efficiencies.

His teams accelerated Compaq’s 3D development program and enabled industrial design, mechanical engineering, package design, platform engineering and tooling. Through his leadership, the 3D development team of the Consumer Product Division made possible many successful product launches.