A Ground-Breaking Approach to Electronics Protection.


Potting (electronics)

Potting is the process of completly filling an electronic assembly with a solid compound for helping it resistance to shock and vibration and for exclusion of moisture and corrosive agents. Thermo-setting plastics or silicone rubber gels are often used.


THE industry standard for years given its many challenges. They include: limited design options, limited material options, thermal expansion problems, subjective process fraught with human error, re-enter ability problems given risks associated with potential board damage, not re-usable and is labor intensive, to name a few.

Heat Pads

While heat pads have been a standard for years engineers and designers often find their hands tied when they need to design their products around design and material limitations associated with heat pads.


An Ulti-Pak™preform is a two-layer composite structure. The inner layer surrounds electronic assemblies (such as PC boards, batteries or sensors) with a soft visco elastic silicone material.


Ulti-Pads™are made from a highly thermally conductive vibration damped visco elastic material designed to provide mechanical support of an electronics assembly, while reducing the thermal rise of electronic components within that assembly..